Dark IIT Facts That Every Student Should Know About!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The world of IIT doesn’t seem to look the way its reality is, the situation of the students in IIT is much worse and are always under pressure of various things. Today we’ll let you know about the dark of IIT and if you’re an IIT aspirant, you may have to think twice about your decision, so let’s start.

So here are some IIT secrets that Non-IITians may not be aware of!

1. Depression

Dark IIT Facts That Every Student Should Know About!

Even if you get an admission in IIT, don’t think that you’ll get rid of all kinds of stress after that. You will receive such stress from your teachers, surroundings, and studies that you will ultimately land into depression. That’s what happens to many students in there, first they get into IIT after all their hard work and then they go into depression as they are not that capable to cope up with others.

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2. Suicides

Suicides in IIT are for real, when students are not able to handle the stress received from college and everything, they ultimately choose to end their life.

3. Drug Addiction

It’s not hard for a student in IIT to become a drug addict as they think that it’s better to handle the life this way than to die under the pressure of books, assignments, and exams.

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