The Dark Secrets Of Gandhi Family That They Don’t Want You To Know!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we will be looking at some of the unknown things and the secret of the Gandhi Family. Gandhi Family, one of the most powerful and influential families in India today. It’s the Gandhi Family that controls Indian National Congress which is the major opposition today.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Dark Secrets Of Gandhi Family That They Don’t Want You To Know!


The Dark Secrets Of Gandhi Family That They Don't Want You To Know!

Here’s the truth, there is no connection, no association at all between the Nehru and the Gandhi families. There is no shared trait of genealogy, of appropriation or of political ethos. Literally nothing.

The Nehru dynasty started using the Gandhi surname after Indira Priyadarshini Nehru married Feroze Jahangir Gandhi in 1942.

Mahatma Gandhi’s family on the other hand never extremely utilized his name for political pick up and have to a great extent either been thoroughly out of the spotlight or have been researchers, scholars in their own particular rights. His child Hiralal even died in a state of poverty. Gandhi never gave even a particle of advantage or political largesse to any of his relatives or descendants.

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Contrary to mainstream gossipy tidbits and myths as to Feroze Gandhi!

1. Feroze Gandhi was not given the name Gandhi by Mahatma Gandhi

2. Feroze Gandhi was a Parsi. He was not a Khan or a Muslim.

3. Feroze Gandhi’s name was constantly articulated and pronounced as Gandhi.

4. Feroze Gandhi was conceived Feroze Jahangir Ghandy; he simply changed the English spelling of his last name to Feroze Jahangir Gandhi subsequent to joining the struggle of freedom in 1930, roused by Mahatma Gandhi.

5. The Hindi/Devanagari spelling was never showed signs of change since they sounded the same at any rate.

6. Additionally, he changed the English Spelling in 1930s well before his cooperation with Indira in 1942.

7. Give it a chance to be realized that Ghandy or Ghandi is as yet a prevalent surname among Parsis.

8. Different cases: You can locate numerous English spellings for other Indian surnames like Agarwal (Agrawal, Aggarwal, Agarwall); Chaudhary (Choudhry, Chaudhry), Chauhan (Chouhan); Sarkar (Sarkaar).

It is in this way only a coincidence that Nehru’s family transformed into the Gandhi surname. A pitiless incongruity of destiny that the genuine Gandhis have been sidelined and overlooked while the phony Gandhis are utilizing Mahatma Gandhi’s name and are ruining the heritage of the Mahatma.

P.S: Feroze Gandhi’s spirit would cry that his name has been abused by his relatives. He never coexisted with Nehru; was his resolved adversary and even blamed Nehru for defilement in the scandalous LIC Scandal. He likewise had no part to play in the production of the political tradition of Nehru. Truth be told, even Nehru had no part (or suppose – had little part) in the formation of the tradition; he didn’t give Indira Gandhi a ticket of the Lok Sabha as long as he was alive.



Indira Gandhi attended prominent Indian educational institute Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan. She also studied at Oxford, but her weak academic performance and she failed in an important subject such as Latin. This prevented her from obtaining a degree. Rajiv Gandhi studied engineering at Trinity College, but couldn’t finish his degree. Then he studied Mechanical Engineer at Imperial college, again he couldn’t finish his degree there.

Rahul Gandhi first joined St. Stephen’s college in Delhi but then moved to Harvard University, dropped out in some months. He couldn’t complete his education there and moved to Rollins College where he earned his BA. But his name was registered as Raul Vinci. And then Rahul has an M.Phil from Trinity College located in Cambridge. While his mother, Sonia Gandhi doesn’t possess a degree.

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