Dark Secrets Of Aamir Khan That You Should Know!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every person has some deep and dark secrets that they’ve hidden from the world and these stars are no less than any of us. Today we’ll share some secrets of Aamir Khan that you must not be aware of, so let’s start.

So let’s discuss some secrets of Aamir Khan that we learned about him

1. Aamir Khan has an eating disorder.

Dark Secrets Of Aamir Khan That You Should Know!

In the show ” Koffee with Karan ” Aamir Khan himself admitted that he has an eating disorder and is a compulsive eater when he’s not dieting.

2. He hates taking baths.

Aamir Khan hates taking bath and when he was confronted by media in a show, he said that he is a very clean and hygienic person so he doesn’t need to take baths on a regular basis. I have to admit that you’re too hygienic Mr. Khan.

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3. He hates loud music.

The reason why Aamir Khan is rarely seen at any party is just because he hates loud music. He admitted that whenever he goes to any party, he takes a separate room for himself to avoid that loud music in parties. He had turned down many invitations because of this reason only, he even doesn’t like loud music in films also.

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