Dark Secrets Of Aamir Khan That You Should Know!


4. Had a tough time after getting divorce

When he separated with his first wife Reena Dutta, Aamir Khan went into depression and started to spend days alone without any friend. He started to drink heavily and he said that when he was going through that tough phase Salman Khan again entered his life and supported him like a true friend, he helped Aamir to come out of that dark side and started spending time together. Their friendship grew from that point and Aamir became a better person after that.

5. A prankster

He has a very serious kind of image but in reality he loves doing pranks on people. Aamir Khan once along with Ajay Devgn played a prank on Juhi Chawla on the sets of “Ishq”, after that she fled away to her home and as an apology Aamir Khan gave her a teddy and later Juhi came to know that the teddy was borrowed from the props required during a scene.

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6. Jessica Hines controversy.

It is said that Aamir had a child with a British journalist named Jessica Hines, whom he abandoned after knowing about the child. Jessica told in an interview that when her son grows up, she will tell him that how his father abandoned him and did not even like him. These two met on the sets of “Ghulam”.

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