Things That Akshay Kumar Doesn’t Want His Fans To Know!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation.  Every person has his own secrets and its very common. Bollywood celebrities are also humans and they also possess some secrets that we may not know, but today we’re going to focus on Akshay Kumar.

So let’s about know some unknown facts about Akshay Kumar that’s not known to us

1. Canadian Citizenship

Things That Akshay Kumar Doesn't Want His Fans To Know!

Yes, it’s true that Akshay Kumar has a Canadian Citizenship with himself. He is also the brand ambassador of Canada to India and was conferred with an honorary doctorate with a law degree. But India is not a country that allows dual citizenship and he may have to return his Indian passport and citizenship if he continues to have his Canadian citizenship.

His Wikipedia page describes him as ‘Canadian’.

Akshay Kumar, he is an Indian national award winner but has a “strong affiliation” with Canada. He has a dual citizenship. However, the Indian law does not permit one to have a dual citizenship. The law clearly states that if one acquires the citizenship of another country; they are no longer Indian citizens.

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2. Debut Movie

Though “Saugandh” was Akshay’s first movie that released but in reality the first movie that he signed was “Deedar” starring Karishma Kapoor opposite to him. He joined this industry officially in the year 1991 and has the record for highest number of films per year.

3. Daredevil Stunts

When Akshay Kumar was shooting for his movie ” Aankhein” in Cape Town, there was a scene in which he had to swim with a shark, but apparently, he got attacked by the shark and a great difficulty occurred to control that shark, but he was rescued, however. We can admit that he’s a real-life KHILADI also.


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