Dark Secrets Of Bigg Boss House That Bigg Boss Doesn’t Want Fans To Know

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bigg Boss house has always been a part of controversies with its every season, it gives a daily dose of entertainment, gossip and some controversy to the audience out there. Bigg Boss never fails to entertain us, but there are some secrets of this house that weren’t aware of, so let’s start and talk about it more.

So here are some dark secrets of Bigg Boss house that you weren’t aware of till now!

1. Inviting Adult Stars

Dark Secrets Of Bigg Boss House That Bigg Boss Doesn't Want Fans To Know

In the entire Bigg Boss season, many porn stars have been a part of this show like Sunny Leone, Pamela Anderson, etc. These stars are invited on this show to increase the TRP and engage the audience into watching this how. I can call it a great strategy though.

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2. Bringing up controversial couples

Bigg Boss always brings up some controversial people on the show to make it seem interesting to the audience out there, like in this recent season of Bigg Boss Anup Jalota is invited to join this show with his 28-year-old girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu. They are getting trolled immensely and this is what the makers wanted and this is the reason why they are called upon the show. This couple says that on one side that they are together and on the other hand they say they have no name to this relation, Bigg Boss tends to call some fakes couples also.

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