What If Death Note Were To Be Made In Bollywood!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we will be talking about Death Note. Most of the folks visiting this article would probably say that a masterpiece such as Death Note shouldn’t be made in India, but I respectfully disagree. Do you know a lot of great movies are included in the IMDb list, they are very under-rated. So today we will be presenting to you Death Note Indian adaptation with Bollywood cast.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Have Happened If Death Note Were To Be Made In Bollywood!

1. Light is the devil with the looks of an angel. He’s deceptive, manipulative, so we need a talented actor to play his role. And I personally think Ranbir could nail his role.

What If Death Note Were To Be Made In Bollywood!

2. Now a lot of you would say that SRK is too old to portray the character of L. A genius detective who is eccentric and pretty childish. But SRK is a great actor, remember his performance in Darr? A little bit of makeup and technology could do wonders.

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3. A fatherly figure, a well-behaved gentleman with a strong presence Amitabh does the job.

4. You can’t help, but notice the physical similarities between Jackie Dada and Soichiro. Jackie in his career has played the role of an honest police officer with a strong sense of morality and justice. 


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