Dirty Secrets Of UPSC Examination That All The Aspirants Should Know!

Hey Folks! Welcome To Humor Nation. UPSC is the exam everyone’s working hard for. People sacrifice their night sleep and day routine for the only purpose to crack UPSC. But, the sad part is not everyone succeeds.

Even after hell lot of focus and hard work, a UPSC aspirant lacks an important factor the exam requires. Not knowledge, It’s luck!

Here are the secrets The UPSC team keeps behind the curtain, that basically turns the tables for its aspirants.

1. Quantity Matters.

Well, it does in every exam, but this has a different case. The checker may just flip the pages. To excel this, its expected to attempt all questions and write everything neatly.

2. Average Quality

The checker appointed by the UPSC team are just normal college professors. Use of technical jargons and the Tharoor vocab would probably bounce over their heads. So, it is better to keep it decent and simple as possible.

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3. Beat Around The Bush

It’s practically impossible to know everything. There may be a few questions you have never heard about. Never leave them blank; I repeat NEVER! Write any related thing that you know, just don’t mention factual points you aren’t sure about.

4. Presentation

It’s not about hard study, but smart study. There are people who write a lot with ridiculous presentations. The presentation does fetch you a good score. Pay attention to the points and the way you can make your copy attractive.

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