5 Disney Characters You Didn’t Know Swung Both Ways

That is the hit song from 2013’s Frozen. Make sure you stay tuned! Hey guys welcome back Humor Nation. Disney has always had a progressive attitude towards the LGBT community. Pride events have been hosted at Disney World since and the company offered its LGBT employees health insurance benefits for their partners since 1995. So it’s no secret Disney is supportive of the community. So with that let’s get started on our list of the top 5 Disney movie characters you didn’t know were gay.

Now Let’s Take A Look At 5 Disney Characters You Didn’t Know Swung Both Ways!

5. Genie

So aside from being a great friend to Aladdin, apparently Genie is known for his flamboyant antics and his cross dressing. In the scene, where genie is transforming Aladdin into a prince people have mentioned that it seems like he is playing a stereotypical gay man, take a look. Genie also promotes Aladdin by saying That physique how can I speak? Weak at the knees. A lot of people also say that genie had a crush on Aladdin and its’ been suggested if guys just have their right ear pierced then that means they are G-A-Y!

And Genie has his right ear pierced. Another reason people speculate that Genie is into guys is because of the scene where Aladdin selflessly used his last wish to free Genie. Once free Genie says he’s off to see the world now. I just thought it was because he was trapped in a lamp for years upon years but apparently some people read into that as Genie leaving because he could no longer stand to see his love Aladdin being with Jasmine. Yet Genie is there when the two of them get married.

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4. Governor Ratcliffe

When you watch Pocahontas as a kid and see Governor Ratcliffe you just think he’s some evil villain because he’s so mean to all his men. But then you re-watch it as an adult and you start to notice somethings you didn’t really catch on to when you were younger. So apparently the filmmakers on this movie wanted to display Ratcliffe as a fop. If your like what the heck is that don’t worry I had no idea either. When I looked it up I discovered this word was used back in 17th century England.

Its used to negatively describe fashionable effeminate cowardly men. So basically they said this was the modern G-A-Y male stereotype. Which I don’t agree with, but that’s what the filmmakers said. But I do think Ratcliffe had some crazy fashions and then he did pretty much always were his hair in two pigtails with bows on the end of them. Also the filmmakers pointed out this character was played by David Ogden Stier who is into men. So they thought this would add an extra dimension to the film.


3. Hades

But this whole list is basically based off of stereotypes so in that case it fits. So people are saying that if this was a Romcom then Hades would be the typical guy-guy best friends. Reminding Meg that Hercules will leave her because he’s a guy and drinking cosmos.

2. LeFou

There were many times in the animated Beauty and the Beast where fans thought LeFou was in love with Gaston. Then When The live action Remake came out last year, LeFou who was played by Josh Gad and was confirmed as being a G-A-Y. This makes LeFou the first openly G-A-Y character in a Disney movie. So it’s a really big deal. And this means the speculation made from the animated film seemed to be correct. About this the director of the film Bill Condon had this to say, I talked before about how we translate THIS INTO LIVE ACTION. That means building out the characters.

It’s also a translation to you know. And what is the movie about? What has the story always been about for years? It’s about looking closer going deeper, accepting people for who they really are. He went on to say LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. But of course this decision did end up making a lot of headlines and with that came some backlash. There was even a theater in Alabama that didn’t screen the movie due to this change. However Josh Gad, who as I mentioned played this character was very proud of bringing this new element to the big screen.

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1. Elsa

So many fans and critics have pointed out that they believe Elsa is a Lesbian. One major reason for this being that they viewed the Oscar-winning song ‘Let It Go’ played as a coming out anthem. Literally the whole song can be related to coming out. I never looked at it that way, but Listening to it again relating it to coming out it really does seem to represent that. Another thing that pushed people to believe she was a lesbian was the fact that in the end, she doesn’t end up with a knight in shinning armor which just shows there are no boundaries when it comes to love. I just viewed that as a strong message towards female empowerment, but apparently some people looked into it more deeply than that.

5 Disney Characters You Didn't Know Swung Both Ways

Another thing was the fact that Elsa was trying to hide her ice-powers which was looked at as a metaphor for staying in the closet. On top of that there’s also the fact that Elsa was just born with her powers. Just like LGBT people are just born LGBT and straight people are just born straight, it’s not a choice. And there’s more Theres also been a lot of speculation that Elsa is going to have a girlfriend in the frozen sequel. Let me know your thoughts on this below.

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