5 Disturbing And Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Little kids and small children are known to be sweet little creatures that we as a whole love to be around with and to play with. But this is basically in light of the fact that of the purity of their soul, their innocence and the way in which they depict it. Yet we have likewise also been exposed to circumstances and situations where these little innocent children have done or said some unpleasant things which we would rather not have heard. And with this being said, get ready to be freaked and creeped out by these five disturbing and creepiest things a child has ever said.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Disturbing And Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said!

5. The Lady On The Roof

5 Disturbing And Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said

A three-year-old was dozing in her room when she began shouting when the mother came rushing to her room to figure out what’s the issue. sshe was still shouting and pointing at the roof and requesting that her mom expel the woman from the rooftop. Later on her mother was flipping through some photographs and when she went over the photograph of her mother who had passed on, the little girl when she saw the photo, she flipped and said that that was the same lady who was swinging from the roof.

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4. Mystery Mother

5 Disturbing And Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said

This is the story of a youngster who dependably had dreams of living with an alternate family other than the genuine family. The kid kept telling her mother about his fantasy that appeared an odd looking woman always wandering around so one day the mother told him the tale of his birth to the world. She told him that the instant after she had given birth to him, there was a lady who was around there snuggling him so when the mother gazed upward, looked at her and saw the lady, the woman put him down and fled. The description the kid gave his mom of the lady matched exactly with the lady the mother had found during the child’s birth.

3. Yellow Eyes

A lady had a child who was three years old, the child would look at her mother and say mother the enormous man with huge yellow eyes is peeking at you after which she would snicker so hard. He would at that point proceed and say he is hiding now, he will return when you’re sleeping. One night the child came and told his mother that the man revealed to him he would not live to be four, he would kick the bucket and then she would place him in a coffin. He then went on saying that she would likewise die and accompany him wherever he will go.

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4. Joe

A father had a good friend who was named Joe who conferred suicide and his surviving spouse continued accusing herself for his passing. So she called the father to express her disappointments and how she blamed herself for Joe’s demise. The father answered that Joe adored her so much and she should never accuse herself for after he hung up the telephone. The father went back upstairs to keep an eye on his sons who were sleeping soundly, however when he got there he discovered one of the children is wide awake and seated on the bedside sobbing. So he asked what wasn’t right? The kid replied, Rick it’s not her  fault, I cherish her, it’s not her fault then he went to sleep.

1. Staring

There was a babysitter and she was once asked to babysit two children when their folks were away. She put the children to the bed, she went to the other room, sat in front of the TV screen and spent the night watching TV. When the kids’ parents returned the following day, the kids told their parents that the babysitter didn’t watch the TV whole night, she spent the entire night looking at them while they were sleeping as she smiled creepy.

So there you have five creepiest things a child has ever said. They surely are the creepiest things I’ve ever heard.

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