Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Scott McCall and his gang has taken down many supernatural threats in his town. Even the villains who once looked invincible were eventually by the McCall pack using their wits and courage. It was their friendship and loyalty which made them a superior force. Now Imagine what would have happened if there was a crossover between ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (TVD) and ‘Teen Wolf’.

Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?

Which Teen Wolf Character Matches With Your Personality?

Two of the shows which became extremely popular with the younger audiences and deals with the Supernatural creatures. Both the shows have some amazing heroes and unique villains. How do you think our Teen Wolf heroes would fare up against the evil villains of TVD? Well, we did our research and came up with some powerful TVD villains that the McCall pack cannot defeat. So let’s think hypothetical for a moment and see which TVD villains are there who’d give Scott and his pack a hard time. Katherine Pierce is extremely clever and manipulative. If there’s one thing that she is really good at, it’s SURVIVING. She was an ultimate survivor throughout the show and always found her way out of any problem, even though death. So even if the pack defeats her, she will surely find a way back to make their life hell.

Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?
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Defeating this duo is next to impossible as they’re the strongest when they’re together. We’ve seen them defeating and killing a whole bunch of people very neatly so defeating the McCall pack for them wouldn’t be so challenging. No matter how strong the McCall pack is, it would be almost impossible to go up against the Originals. They would need a white Oak stake or some really high level witch magic in order to defeat these two brothers.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Whether Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?

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