Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf both ended up becoming two of the most popular and successful supernatural shows that were aimed at the teenager audiences. Both aired around at the same time, even though they aired at different networks. TVD aired on CW and Teen Wolf aired on MTV so a crossover ever was unlikely, but that didn’t stop the fans from writing fan fictions involving the characters and storylines from both these shows. Both of these shows are quite similar in various aspects, as both of them involve supernatural creatures such as werewolves, banshees.

The main characters from both of these shows are teenagers and relationships of these characters involved a major role in these shows. While if we are being objective, it’s fair to say that the relationships on Teen Wolf were far better developed and more captivating. There was a progressive development in the relationships, from friendships to romances. It didn’t feel like forced, there was a genuine connection between the characters. For example, if you look at Scott-Allison relationship, it felt special. But when it didn’t work out and Allison started dating Isaac then it didn’t feel wrong or uncomfortable, even the character of Scott behaved reasonably.

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Whereas if you look at the Vampire Diaries, the only relationship that really the writers developed is the Salvatore-Elena love triangle. They spent several seasons in building up these relationships, but even after all that, you cannot help, but notice the toxicity present in the love triangle. When Elena rejected Damon, he ended up snapping the neck of Jeremy. The writers didn’t put much effort in developing other relationships, Tyler-Caroline relationship was much developed in the books, but the writers tossed it aside for the sake of teasing the viewers with the Klaroline ship. Caroline stood by Tyler in the books, but in TV show, she ended up sleeping with Klaus even after knowing that Klaus killed the mother of Tyler.

Do You Belong In Teen Wolf Or The Vampire Diaries?

Teen Wolf had plenty of ships and each ship, relationship, equally being just as appealing as the other. Take Stiles-Lydia, or Scott-Kira, but when it comes to TVD, you’d fall short in naming the ships apart from the Stelena and Delena ships.

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