Which Universe Do You Belong In: The Originals Or Teen Wolf?


Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Both of the Teen Wolf and The Originals are supernatural shows which are set in different universes. While both of the shows are entirely different, but they have numerous similarities. Both shows feature werewolves while Teen Wolf mainly revolves around Scott McCall who transformed into a werewolf after getting bitten accidentally. He along with his friends protect their town by dealing with all sorts of Supernatural threats. While the Teen Wolf Universe featured numerous supernatural species and creatures such as werewolves, Banshees, Kitsune, but it doesn’t involve Vampires.

Do You Belong In The Originals Or Teen Wolf?
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Whereas the Originals is set in the Vampire Diaries which features vampires, witches, and werewolves. The titular character of the Originals is Klaus Mikaelson who is a hybrid, a mix of a vampire and a werewolf. Compared to the TVD, Originals explored the werewolf lore in a comprehensive way. As the main leads of both the shows are werewolves, comparisons are bound to be drawn between the two shows. Fans have debated who would win in a fight between Klaus Mikaelson and Scott McCall.

Do You Belong In The Originals Or Teen Wolf?

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Teen Wolf mainly centers around the werewolves. Therefore they explored the species in much detail as what are the different strengths and weaknesses of them. What weapons could harm a werewolf and the different rituals involved. Teen Wolf also explored the concepts of classifications of werewolves such as Alpha, Beta, and Omega. How one could move up the hierarchy and what are the defining traits of these different kinds.

Do You Belong In The Vampire Diaries Or Teen Wolf?

Sadly, both of these shows have ended their run. But in the minds of the fans, the comparisons still continue. What would have happened if a crossover ever took place between these two shows? Would the Mikaelson family be able to hold their ground against the McCall Pack? Scott McCall and his pack should not be underestimated at all. They have displayed great amount of courage at times, through their unity and coordination they manage to best the most powerful foes. Whereas Mikaelson family have suffered plenty of times due to their internal conflict and trust issues at times. But nonetheless, the Original Vampires are the powerful beings in the TVD Universe who could take on several werewolves at once. Do you think there are any more similarities between these two amazing shows? How do you feel a crossover would have gone if it had ever happened.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Whether You Belong In The Vampire Diaries Or Teen Wolf?

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