5 Embarrassing Double Meaning Songs In Bollywood Movies

5 Embarrassing Double Meaning Songs In Bollywood Movies

One biggest complain against Bollywood is that we always hear people talking about how they depict women as mere objects in the films, how Hindi films objectify women, and that our film Industry has not progressed even a bit when it comes to movies. Our Indian Censor board is so horrible that it literally cuts every scene, censors the lyrics of the songs that it doesn’t understand or find offensive, irrespective of the fact that how many depth that scene adds to the story or to the characters.

If you think that the movies you see today are awful and have a bad taste then let me tell you something surprising. The classic Bollywood movies in the 80’s, 90’s were the worst when it comes to inappropriate songs and their awful lyrics. Now after carefully and completely examining a plethora of songs, we have reached to the conclusion that our film industry has definitely come a long way from that regressive past. And we discovered a shocking fact that you could do anything and everything in terms of dialogues, song lyrics without getting in trouble with the Censor Board. So guys, get ready to be entertained and shocked by some extremely hilarious and uncomfortable moments in the songs from some old Bollywood movies.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Embarrassing Double Meaning Songs In Bollywood Movies

5. Teri Le Loon…BAANHEN From Tere Mere Beech Mein (1984)

Many people don’t know about this Hindi film which was released in the 1980s. The name of the film is ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’ and it stars Dada Kundke, Amjad Khan in the main roles. Dada Kundke plays the role of Gangaram and while the film is not remembered for its brilliant acting performances or memorable dialogues, but it’s notorious for the song titled “Teri Le Loon Baanhen”. While lyrics of this song clear indicate that anything and everything was possible in the 80’s without sweating about the censor board.

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4. Rat Song From Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Another notorious song is that rat rap song from Yaar Gaddar. When you watch the movie, you’ll be looking at a different Saif Ali Khan, a newcomer in Bollywood in the 90’s who was just doing the wrong movies, movies that he didn’t agree with creatively. The rat rap song featured in the film is nothing sort of embarrassing and simply cringy. We see Saif Ali Khan dressed up as a fat choreographer with the belly holding a rat in his hands and dancing. I don’t know have anything else to say, please watch the song and judge for yourself.

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