Rise And Fall Of ‘Comedy King’ Kapil Sharma

Rise And Fall Of 'Comedy King' Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma, a name that needs no introduction, he is one of the best, if not the best Indian comedian of all time. He is known for his funny sense of humor, incredible comic timing which has made him one of the most popular faces on the Indian television. But it wasn’t easy for him, he had to hustle his way, faced a lot of challenges and struggled a lot, but through his hard work he managed to make a name for himself. It was years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the art that made him who he is today, and resulted in successful and popular shows like ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. There’s no denying that Kapil Sharma is an exceptional talent, there is simply no comparison when it comes to comedy, he’s simply untouchable.

Rise And Fall Of 'Comedy King' Kapil Sharma

But lately things have been kind of rough for the comedy king. All is not well in his personal and professional life, the actor being the center of many controversies and people around him, his co-stars and friends leaving him, so what has happened to Kapil Sharma? Have we lost the man who brought a smile on our faces?

Story Of Kapil Sharma And His Rise To Stardom:

All the fame and popularity that Kapil has earned is all because of his hard work and dedication to his art. His journey is inspiring, full of challenges, many ups and downs, he never had it easy. He had to give every ounce of energy and sweat, fight his way through to make a name for himself in the show business. Kapil had no godfather or any ties to the industry, he was a complete outsider.

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First Taste Of Success

This comedy genius first tasted success when he won the reality comedy TV show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ back in 2007. Even after winning a TV show, he didn’t become really famous. He became a part of the comedy TV show ‘Comedy Circus’ where he won numerous seasons and it gave him a platform to explore his comedy skills, and allowed him to showcase his talent of comedy. He got noticed for his amazing comic timing, dialogue delivery, spontaneous sense of humor, and he became a popular face on the television.


Becoming A Famous Face On The Television

Rise And Fall Of 'Comedy King' Kapil Sharma

He did many other reality shows like ‘Ustaadon Ka Ustaad’, ‘Chhote Miyan’, ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ where he played so many different roles, somewhere he was a host, a contestant at others. But all these shows showed the world that Kapil Sharma has a natural gift of comedy, he can easily make people laugh.

Kapil Sharma ‘The Brand’

After having some creative conflicts with the makers of ‘Comedy Circus’, he decided to create his own comedy show, to come up with something refreshing and new. So he came up with ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ on Colors in 2013 which was a grand success and to this very day remains his most successful TV show of all time. Then again Kapil and his team had some creative differences with Colors channel which led to him ending the show and leaving the channel. Kapil and his team returned to Sony TV with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ which again proved why he is the undisputed king of comedy, doesn’t matter what channel or show it is.

Rise And Fall Of 'Comedy King' Kapil Sharma

Because of his unparalleled popularity on the television and being a famous household name, Kapil was nominated for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Indian PM Narendra Modi and he was even invited by the President Pranab Mukherjee to Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2015. Kapil’s amazing work on the television through his shows has earned him several awards and in 2016 Forbes India magazine ranked him at 7th place in 100-Celebrity list in terms of fame.

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Downfall Of The Comedy King

Kapil Sharma’s career has been surrounded with many controversies. During his time with the channel Colors where he was running his show ‘Comedy Nights With The Kapil’, there was a rift between the channel and Kapil’s team. Eventually Colors decided to let the comic genius go after a successful run of three years with the channel. Kapil’s team decided to part ways with the channel because they felt like they were mistreated because the channel was promoting another comedy show, despite the fact that Kapil and his team were successful in entertaining the audiences and getting good ratings for the channel.

Kapil Sharma’s Rift With Colors

This fallout with the channel was a huge blow to everyone, to Kapil, to channel, and also to the audiences. CEO of Colors channel in an interview given to TOI said that Kapil was way too over in his head, he couldn’t manage his success, he started asking for more money, renegotiating his contract with the channel after his show became a hit. Kapil felt like he deserved more, he was asking for what’s right, and eventually decided to move to different channel.

Kapil Sharma’s Infamous Tweet To PM Narendra Modi

Comedian Kapil Sharma again managed to make his name into the headlines and prime time when he tweeted to Indian PM Narendra Modi that he was asked to pay a bribe of Rs 5 Lakh to BMC for making his office. The tweet sparked a big debate, with many facts coming into light, Kapil trying to do an illegal construction in his land space. Some people accused him of being a drunk for messaging a tweet like that early in the morning. When this news broke out, BMC started their investigation to find out if Kapil’s accusation has any truth or not, however they discovered evidences against him related to illegal construction and activities in his Oshiwara office and his apartment in Goregaon. And cases were registered against him which was a big blow to his reputation.

Brawl With Comedian Sunil Grover

In March, 2017 when Kapil and his team were returning from Melbourne after performing a successful show, there was a big fight on the flight. It was reported that the team members started lunch before Kapil which made him furious and he started abusing them. When Sunil Grover tried to intervene, Kapil abused him and allegedly threw his shoe at him. It’s hard to believe that Kapil could assault his good friend Sunil Grover, it’s something that we can never expect from someone like Kapil. This led to Sunil Grover quitting the Kapil Sharma Show, when this controversy garnered social media attention, Kapil used his Facebook page to express his side of the story and even apologized to Sunil through his Twitter, but all in vain.

Sunil Grover responded and posted a message saying that Kapil should learn to handle his fame correctly and should learn to respect his co-stars properly. Due to this incident, Sunil Grover along with Sugandha Mishra, Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar, left ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ to express their displeasure with Kapil. However Chandan, Kapil’s old friend and co-star returned a few weeks after. With Sunil leaving the show, many fans became upset and clearly expressed their dissatisfaction and lashed out at Kapil Sharma on social media. People are blaming Kapil for not handling his stardom properly and saying his pride will be the reason of his downfall.

After the departure of Sunil Grover AKA Dr. Mushoor Gulati, the TRPs of the show started to decline drastically, and soon the show went off-air. We hope Kapil will learn from his mistakes and will realize not to take his stardom for granted. It was his simplicity and humbleness that made him a big star, we want the old Kapil! It’s never too late to realize and correct your mistakes. We also hope that Sunil Grover will forgive Kapil for what he did and we all want to see the old gang back together. But let’s see what future has in store for Kapil Sharma.

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