10 Drawbacks Of Being A Nice And Intelligent Person

Hey everyone. Welcome back again to Humor Nation! Although, we always long to become more intelligent and nice, but being a good person also have its downfalls. When you are someone smart and don’t care about others, and go your own way, you can live and lead a happy life. Whereas if you are so kind, generous and emotional, then it can also land you in trouble. This is a cruel world. Everybody wants their desires to be filled and if they find you as a ladder to climb up, they will definitely use you and won’t care.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Drawbacks Of Being A Nice And Intelligent Person

1. Nobody Bothers to help you.

People feel that you are smart enough to handle your things. You will do everything and no one comes to help you when you need . And everyone needs help sometimes.

2. You are likely to get anxious about what others think about you.

You never stay calm, being nice puts you in a state where you always want to be in good books of others. So what other people think about you start making you anxious, you start worrying what others will think of you and that you always have to behave in a certain manner because it’s expected from you.

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3. When you fail to live up to their expectations, you become sad.

Yes, you always try to live up to others’ expectations. But here’s the bitter truth that no one can live full to everybody’s expectations and when you fail, you start blaming yourself and are depressed.

4. You are likely to get depressed very soon.

Being nice is a liability. It becomes depression for people who are so nice and over emotional. Everything starts falling apart. You start blaming yourself for all the wrong happening in the world.

5. You start to rationalize even the cause of pain.

Logical reasoning is good unless it is used to trivialize the sensitive topics and being nicer make you fall into this dungeon.

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6. People expect you to be happy and nice all the time.

There are all types of days; sometimes good and sometime bad. But when you are a good person to the world. Everybody expects that you can never be sad. You behave rude and that’s what make them and make you feel low, you end up blaming yourself. That’s the biggest problem of all.

7. Your failure is their pleasure.

People tend to get jealous of you and your achievement. They then create troubles for you. They feel pleasure when you experience a failure.

8. They feel you are being arrogant whenever you make a point.

Being assertive is something never expected from nice people. It is considered as arrogance. If you make a point you are considered arrogant.

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9. No one likes a person who knows it all.

You sometimes becomes the subject to envy because you know everything. And not everybody likes people of “Know-It-All” types.

10. They can take you for granted because you do not retaliate.

10 Drawbacks Of Being A Nice And Intelligent Person

If only you employed your sense of humor and retaliated, no one is going to mess with you again.

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