Earnings Of These Top 10 Adult Movie Stars Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to Humor Nation. Yes, you read it right. I’m going to share with you some shocking numbers that will definitely change your perception about the adult movie industry and adult movie stars.

Movies are a general area of conversation but it depends on what kind of movies you talk about? Well, let me break them down into two sets. One, the mainstream movies that everyone watches and enjoys talking about and the other that everyone watches and shy away on talking about. Yes, the adult movies.

Wait! Don’t close the tab reading that because I have something that would make you interested in this less appreciated movie genre!

Fasten your seat belts because I’m about to take you on a ride through the earnings of top 10 adult movie stars, figures of which will make your eyes pop out!

Although this is a movie industry we never talk about openly, it has a very big market in itself and after the advent of internet, the reach of adult movie industry has increased manifold.

1. JESSE JANE- Net worth $9 Million

2. MARIA TAKAGI- Net worth $8 Million

3. BREE OLSON- Net worth $7 Million

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4. KATIE MORGAN- Net worth $6 Million

5. JENNA HAZE- Net Worth $5 Million


6. GIANNA MICHAELS- Net worth $4 Million

7. SASHA GREY- Net worth $3 Million

8. BELLADONNA- Net worth $1.8 Million

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9. JAYDEN JAYMES- Net worth $1.7 Million

Earnings Of These Top 10 Adult Movie Stars Will Blow Your Mind

10. TORI BLACK- Net worth $1 Million

So these were some mind boggling figures! However, a lot of people across the world still carry within a socially constructed brain, the view that adult film stars are being financially desperate. Well, it seems otherwise given the facts.

The truth is that enterprising, industrious people, people with money could easily parley these adult stars into brilliant financial successes, a money making machine, and get them the fame they need if that’s what counts as a power to them. Clearly, above mentioned is a list of 10 powerful women who are successful in their respective career paths.

However, the adult film industry is still considered a taboo and people always shy away when it comes to talking about it. Well, in my opinion, if you can watch what they do, you can talk about it too, can’t you? After all we’re talking big numbers here!

It’s high time that the stereotype should be broken. Comment below and lets us know your views about the ‘lesser known’ movie industry.

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