Eight Famous People Who Did Awful Things

Hello, readers welcome back to Humor Nation. We all have some ideals who consider setting a milestone for us and they are our heroes. But we need not forget that those famous people and heroes are also humans and they have a bad side which is overshadowed by their heroism. So here are some ugly side of our good guys!!!

List of people who did awful things

1. Albert Einstien

Eight Famous People Who Did Awful Things

A  famous man who can be seen in all the science books. Who is considered as the most intelligent person passed in history. Between 1922 and 1923 his travel diaries were published which includes several sexist and racist sentiments. Specifically for Chinese people he made a statement that ‘an industrious filthy and obtuse people and they are peculiar and herd-like.

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2. Steve jobs

Eight Famous People Who Did Awful Things

A man who revolutionized the world of technology. One of the most famous people Steve acted wost toward his daughter Lisa in a time magazine he stated that any of the 28% of the population could be the father of Lisa but after a DNA test it was proved that she is his daughter.

3. Hellen Keller

Eight Famous People Who Did Awful Things

She was the first deaf and blind person who earns a bachelor’s degree who learned in touch. In 1915 she made a statement that in case of unthinking and paralyzed condition jury needs to consider that whether a child has the right to live, if not then this the child’s death must be considered as the wedding of a human garden.


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