Evidence That Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive!

Welcome to Humor Nation. We all have heard stories about Lord Hanuman’s bravery, selflessness, and devotion to Lord Rama. But, have you ever heard a story regarding his death?

Let’s talk about some signs and stories that make Lord Hanuman’s being evident in the present days-

Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive?

To start with, some sages have talked about sighting and meeting Lord Hanuman in the earlier centuries. For example, Sage Madhavcharya in the 13th century and Tulsidas in the 16th century.

That got you thinking, didn’t it? Well, it is believed that Lord Hanuman was given a boon of immortality and that he is still alive, residing somewhere in the mountains of the Himalayas.

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The Magic Mantra

It is also believed that one can be blessed with the sight of the deity just by chanting a mantra. The chanting being- ‘Kaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu, Nikrmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu’.

But, two conditions need to be fulfilled before you go ahead with the chanting. The first one being that the devotee has to be fully conscious of his soul’s connection with that of Lord Hanuman’s. The second condition states that there shouldn’t be any human presence within 980 meters to the place where this mantra is being enchanted.


The Piduru Mountains

Surprising, isn’t it? Well, there is a reason and another story behind this too.

After Lord Ram had left his mortal body, Lord Hanuman left Ayodhya and moved to the forests in order to attain mental peace. He had also visited the woods in Piduru Mountains, Sri Lanka, in memory of his master. Overwhelmed by the gesture and warmth of the people there, Lord Hanuman gave them the above-mentioned mantra and told them that whenever it was changed, he would bless them with his presence. The conditions were set in order to refrain people from misusing it.

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It is believed that the deity pays a visit to the tribe of Piduru Mountains once in every 41 years in order to enlighten them with the true meaning of life. In 2014, some explorers had witnessed some unusual activities in the forest. The activities were a ceremony conducted in every 41 years on arrival of Lord Hanuman. The ceremony is called ‘Charan Pooja’. Apparently, only the tribe of Piduru Mountains can see the deity. He was said to be departed from there on 27th May 2014.

A proper logbook is maintained by the tribe. The book has records of everything that happens when the god pays them a visit. Currently, some officials of Setu Asia are in possession of the book and are trying to decode it. Not just that, footprints of Hanuman apparently still exist in all those places where the monkey-god walked.

I guess in the end it all comes down to what we want to believe and what we let ourselves believe.


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