10 Most Expensive Things North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un Owns!

It is not hidden from the world that Kim Jong-Un has created dictatorship in his reign. He never listens to anybody and does whatever he wants or likes. He uses his money in the best possible while his peoples lead a miserable life.

Hey ya people! Welcome back again! Let us now dig out the 10 most ridiculously expensive things that North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un Owns!

1. Kumsusan Palace of Sun

This building is located in the north eastern part of Pyongyang. This is also known as Kim II-Sung mausoleum. It is the largest building ever dedicated to a communist leader. It is covered by a large moat on the north and east size.

2. Masikryong Ski Resort (Masik)

This resort is purposely made on the orders of Kim Jong-Un. Around 5000 tourists visits 120 rooms each day. This is situated at the top of Taehwa peak, around 13,60 meters above.

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3. Private Golf Courses

Kim Jong Un owns some best golf courses in North Korea. These are maintained and kept to its best structured by the workers employed and the forces. Ahhh! Why to spend on people , if you can spend on sports (sarcasm).

4. Submarines

In charge of several aging soviet submarines hidden in the water of Korean peninsula, this North Korean supreme leader controls the activities happening in the waters and above . These submarines are of 22 Chinese Romeo class subs, 4 former soviet whiskey class subs, and several other romeo class subs built by DPRK.

5. Ryugyong Hotel

Its a 105 storeys, pyramid shaped building located at the center of the city. It is among the biggest hotels of the world. The construction got finished in 26 years. It was started in 1987 under the guidance of Kim II sung.


6. Private Island

Kim Jong-Un owns a private island whose location is kept secret. It includes all the needed equipment for survival. It also includes the main pad for the supreme leader himself .

7. Military Ships

Nearby southern coast and other areas are in constant threat only by seeing the collection of North Korean Emperor. Kim Jong-Un has a great stack of military ships consisting of Amphibious assault ships, Destroyers , Frigates, Mining Laying Vessels, and Patrol vehicles.

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8. Secret Mobile Phone

Kim Jong-Un

Kim owns a secret mobile phone whose brand is kept secret. Although, it is thought that manufacturer is HTC, but still it is not confirmed. All his important call, and other secrets are been kept in this phone .

9. Air Force

10 Most Expensive Things North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-Un Owns!

Kim and his party DPRK also have multiple air defense systems like SAM and triple A system which are believed to be of soviet design. He and his party have possession of over 940 aircrafts, most of which are of soviet and Chinese origin. This array has attack helicopters, fighter aircrafts, ground attack aircrafts and special forces cargo plane. His air force have approx 110K members.

10. Piano collection

10 Most Expensive Things North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-Un Owns!

It is believed the music relieves soul. Kim also plays piano to relieve his stress. When ever he commits any mistakes, he plays piano for hours and multiple times. He has the collection of world’s best pianos. Woahh! Amazing stuff right?

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