10 Hidden Facts And Secrets Of Mukesh Ambani That You Should Know!

Hello! Welcome to Humor Nation. He is the chairman of the Reliance Industries, he has been ranked as the richest Indian for the past 10 years, and he is Asia’s richest person with a net worth of $44.3 billion. He is Mukesh Ambani.

So Let’s Take A Look At Some Hidden Facts And Secrets Of Mukesh Ambani That You Should Know!

1. He is the richest Indian! He is very successful, but do you know despite being so successful, Mukesh Ambani feels so nervous when it comes to public speaking. Mukesh Ambani feels ashamed when publicly interacting and speaking to people.

2. Despite having such an immense wealth and all the luxuries, Mukesh Ambani never ever touched liquor. He is also a pure vegetarian.

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3. Mukesh Ambani has worked very hard to be where he is today. Today he has enough money to celebrate in the most high-profile manner. But he doesn’t. He does not even like to celebrate his own birthday. Mukesh celebrated his 50th birthday only after his family forced him to celebrate it.

4. His company Reliance is responsible for providing 5% of the government of India’s total revenues which comes from the excise duty and the customs. Not only that, Reliance is the highest tax payer in the private sector in India.

5. As of 2016, Reliance’s contribution to Indian GDP is 2.25%. This might look like a small figure, but a single company contributing 2.25% to an economy of $2 Trillion dollars is a very big deal.


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