10 Fake Fast Food Places That Really Exist!

Fake fast food places
We'll look at some fake fast-food places that actually exist. Most of these fake fast food places are located in China.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. Today, we are rolling at some fraudsters who have tried but definitely failed to rip off popular fast food chains. We’ll look at some fake fast-food places that actually exist. Most of these fake fast food places are located in China. We have to say one thing, these chinese people are really good at copying things.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Fake Fast Food Places That Really Exist

1. Mash Donald’s

Mash Donald’s can be found in Iran and has whole heartedly copied our original Mc Donald’s. They’ve also nabbed the logo and even Ronald McDonald for crying out loud. I mean leave Ronald alone. I bet they call him like Roland mash Donald or something. I don’t know why they are still not caught in a copyright infringement case.

2. Burger Friends

Laugh all you want, but Burger Friends have a trampoline out front which is more than I can say for most Burger Kings. They have copied almost everything they could and they even offer whoppers at their stores. This is unbelievable.

3. Dairy Fairy

Instead of DQ, the knockoff version goes for DF instead. In its logo, they even use the same colours and I even hear they sell a knockoff version of the blizzard. They have literally made a replica of the famous Dairy Queen and all the items they sell are also nearly same. This is disgusting.

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4. Donkey Donuts

So, if America runs on Dunkin then these guys must run on a donkey. Like in what universe the donkeys and Donuts go hand in hand? This is a hilarious version of original Dunkin Donuts and they are in no mood of changing its name. Well, I am having a kind of phobia from donuts now.

5. 1 Eleven

Want to grab a coffee and toast from the 1 eleven? Wait! what? If you spin 1 a bit, it will look like a seven. But aside from the number difference, the colours and the logo are pretty similar and these guys just want to fool its customers.

6. Dominic’s

Don’t you guys love a tasty Dominic’s pizza? You know Dominic’s? Exactly! these guys copied the logo and even name of our favourite pizza company. Dominic’s is a fraudster that literally fully copied the identity of Domino’s. We don’t know the quality of pizza they are serving to their customers. It can be really dangerous.

7. Subday

I love how they’ve even ripped off the logo and they even have the arrows on the S and the Y. People should stop copying and make their own identity. If sub days is not your thing then maybe you can try a name like the Sunny Day. People will love a good sunny day that’s a sunny day with extra cheese.

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8. KFG

Okay, I have no idea who that guy on the front is? But he is not the Colonel Sanders. This Chinese ripoff restaurant looks like they have literally taken a pen to the Colonel’s face and customised a bit and made a different guy altogether. I feel if KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken then what is KSG? It might be Kentucky Fried Goat. This is definitely not so finger licking good.

9. Pizza Hat

I actually love the sound of this one. We have a classic pizza hat. I would actually love a pizza hat with little snacks on top of my head. They have copied almost everything from the famous brand Pizza Hut and there is no such case of copyright infringement till now.

10. Dumb Starbucks

I enjoy the story behind this as much as I enjoy the name, Dumb Starbucks. In the comedy series, Nathan for you, Nathan fielder renamed his struggling coffee chain as dumb Starbucks. This is a parody but he puts up an actual sign that really looks like the Starbucks sign. The outlet inside also really looks like a Starbucks. The media got wind of it and the shop attracted a whole load of visitors to queued up around the block to visit. The menu gave out free coffees including things like the dumb espresso. Eventually, the outlet in LA got shut down by the Los Angeles Health Department which is a little bit sad. Starbucks could have sued but they did see the funny side.

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