Famous And Commonly Used Things In India Which Are Banned In Foreign Countries

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. We as Indians always get to hear things that are legal in foreign countries but banned in India. These may include certain drugs, weed, alcohol, gay marriage etc. But there are some things that are legal in India but banned in abroad. Wait, don’t get so much happy about it, these are things that are harmful and should be banned in India too.

So, here are some things that are banned in foreign countries but not in India:

1. Red Bull:

Red Bull is banned in India for causing heart problems by consuming it excessively. This energy drink is considered as the luxury quotient by the Indian audience and is consumed by the upper class of the society as an Energy drink. Red Bull ads are shown in India at a large scale but should be banned in India too as it causes depression and hypertension and convulsion.

Famous And Commonly Used Things In India Which Are Banned In Foreign Countries

2. Lifebuoy:

Lifebuoy is banned for being bad for the skin. It is considered to be bad on the animal skin but it is used in massive quantities in India. A lot of advertisement is done by the company which pulls lots of customers for buying the soap, it is manufactured and sold in India which should definitely be banned.

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3. Tata Nano: 

Tata Nano is the most affordable car in the Indian car market, but do you know what part does it misses to provide you with the cheapest car possible? This car has failed all the crash tests conducted by NCAP Global. And as a result, this car is considered as life-threatening risk vehicle and should not be purchased. But since the release, thousands of units were sold and still are roaming on our Indian roads, which should be banned immediately.

4.  Kinder Joy:

The favourite chocolate-cum-toy combo of every Indian kid – Kinder Joy, has been banned in various countries including the USA for having a choking hazard. There have been numerous cases, where the kid was choked with the toy that came in the combo.

5. Jelly sweets:

Jelly sweets are too, banned in countries like the USA, Canada and Australia for choking hazard. But, in India, these sweets are consumed openly by the children which should be banned immediately as many choking cases have been registered in India too.

6. Pesticides:

Pesticides are used extensively in India as it is a farmers country. All these pesticides used in the crop cultivation are hazardous for our health and can cause various diseases. It has been banned outside of India as it comes with various health problem when we eat grains and vegetables, on which they are sprayed. We have seen multiple cases in India where people ate these vegetables and felt sick and were hospitalized.

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7. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:

This car is banned in various parts of the world as it does not passes the safety guidelines decided for the manufacturing of a car. This car has also failed the tests conducted for the safety of the passengers inside it and is also considered as a life-threatening vehicle But this vehicle is one of the most loved vehicles for the Indian family and should be banned immediately.

8. D’cold total:

D’cold total, one of the most essential medicine in the first-aid kit of any Indian household is banned in foreign countries for causing kidney problems. This medicine is commonly used during cold and flu as it gives instant relief to the body but should be banned in India like its in foreign because of its ill effects.

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