Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The life of celebrities isn’t a piece of cake, they also have to make sacrifices and face depression. This film industry isn’t that beautiful as it may seem, it also has a horrible side due to which many actors face depression, some are able to handle it and some are not. These celebrities committed suicide.

So let’s check out 10 celebs who took an extreme step to commit suicide

1. Jiah Khan

Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

Jiah Khan committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom from a ceiling fan on 13th July 2013. Her mother said that her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi is the reason behind her suicide as she was depressed with her love life. It was also said that she was pregnant and Sooraj forcefully aborted their child, she even mentioned in her suicide note that Sooraj ruined her life somewhere.

2. Pratyusha Banerjee

‘Balika Vadhu’ fame actress Pratyusha Banerjee hanged herself in her Mumbai flat and it was believed that the reason behind her suicide was her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. She faced severe depression because of him, it was such a point in her life that she couldn’t even escape from, so she decided to end her life. Many said that he used to pressurize her for money related matters and rumors were there about her pregnancy too.

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3. Inder Kumar

Inder Kumar was an actor in the film industry and did many movies like Wanted, Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye and many more. According to reports he died of heart attack on 28th July 2017, but soon after his death, a video of his got viral in which he said that he was going to commit suicide soon. That video was shot in a drunk state by Inder just few days before his death, he was depressed of his life and career. His career had drowned and he even faced financial problems after getting involved in a rape case. That video of his is still a mystery as no one can say that whether he died of heart attack or he committed suicide.

4. Nafisa Joseph

Nafisa Joseph was a video jockey and former Miss India who committed suicide at her house in Versova, Mumbai in the year 2004. She was highly depressed when she found out that her fiance Gautam Khanduja was already married which eventually led her to end her own life.

5. Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti’s death has always been a mystery for all, it was said that she jumped off from the 5th floor of her building in a drunk state on 5th April 1993. It was never proved that she jumped from her floor, there were many theories about it, some say she slipped from her balcony, some say she was pushed by her husband Sajid Nadiadwala or maybe someone else. What do you guys think?


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