Famous Celebrities Who Allegedly Killed People In Real Life

3. Puru Raajkumar

Not Salman Khan, but Puru Raajkumar was the first actor involved in a hit-n-run accident. Puru was returning home drunk that night from a party and lost his control over the wheel and ran over eight people sleeping on the pavement. Three people died immediately and one died on his way to hospital and rest were badly injured, one of them even lost his hand. He was convicted of his crime and IPC section 304A was imposed on him, but his lawyer somehow defended him for not being guilty and was set free, he didn’t even go to jail for one day. Is this how our justice system works for killing innocent people?

4. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu and his cousin Rupinder Singh were accused in a 30-year-old road rage case. Gurnam Singh was the victim of this crime who died in the year 1988, but Sidhu and his cousin were set free as the reports said he died of cardiac arrest in 1999. But again in 2006 justice was made saying that it wasn’t cardiac arrest and imposed homicide charges on Sidhu and also a jail time of 3 years. But anyway, he’s still roaming free and enjoying comedy shows.

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5. Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani allegedly killed two persons with his Aston Martin on December 2013. But no news channel showed this news and the media just ignored this news as Mukesh Ambani is the boss of all. Zee news and DNA published this news but later got deleted. Is Ambani above law?. Some reports say that Akash was drunk driving and lost his control and met with this accident, but in the end, a reliance driver presented itself before the law as the guilty and surrendered. Mukesh Ambani doesn’t own social media that’s why this news still exists.

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