Famous Hit Celebrities Who Were Rejected During Some Reality Show Auditions

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Reality shows often help some unrecognized talent to come forward and grow themselves on stage in front of the whole world. Such platforms just change their entire world and open a lot of good opportunities in front of them. But today we’ll tell you about some famous Bollywood personalities who were rejected during the auditions of some reality show, so let’s start and know about them.

So here are those 5 celebrities you won’t believe were just rejected for these reality shows during the auditions only and yet they made it so far!

1. Sanya Malhotra

Famous Hit Celebrities Who Were Rejected During Some Reality Show Auditions

Sanya Malhotra became very popular after her super duper hit film “Dangal”, she gained lot of followers and popularity and it isn’t hidden from anyone that she is also a great dancer. Very less people may be aware of the fact that she auditioned for Dance India Dance but got rejected during the auditions only, she just reached top 100 contestants list and was eliminated after that. But still she made it till here and is now doing very good films.

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2. Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao is really adored by everyone in this country for his fabulous acting skills and his unique choice of films. His every film is different than his last one and yet his best side comes out. You may not be aware that he auditioned for Boogie Woogie but got rejected during the trials and he wanted to be a dancer before becoming an actor.

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