Famous Hit Celebrities Who Were Rejected During Some Reality Show Auditions

3. Kapil Sharma

The famous comedian always displayed his singing skills on his show and is really praised for it. Before getting into this comedy world, he wanted to become a singer and auditioned in Indian Idol but was evicted and later he joined the Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

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4. Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana’s journey is quite interesting and has come a long way, from a MTV star to Bollywood’s rising superstar. He had earlier auditioned in India Cinestar Ki Khoj and was rejected during the auditions and then became a Roadies season 2 and since the he just started paving his way to success.

5. Raghu Ram

Everyone has seen how hard his personality is and how tough he was during the Roadies auditions for years, but did you know that he auditioned in Indian Idol season 1 and got rejected back then. After that he joined other reality shows and marked his success.

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