Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

Welcome to Humor Nation. The tale of two brothers who battle the evil and monsters, the show features plenty of action, gore, suspense, thrill, and drama, and also cameos of actors who went to become famous stars. Supernatural has it all! It’s the hilarious humor, the dynamics of the Winchesters and their cute angel which made the viewers tune in to watch the show for 14 long years. The characters arcs of Sam and Dean Winchester are surely interesting, but what made us fall in love with the show is the scary monsters! Monsters which would wreak havoc and the Winchesters are called to save the day. But you will be surprised to know that not all the monsters in Supernatural are a work of fiction, most of them hail from the famous Urban Legends. Urban Legends which are quite famous to the areas where Dean and Sam Winchester visit.

Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

So Let’s Take A Look At Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

1. Woman in white! This episode is based on the famous ‘La Llorona’ urban legend, the episode is about a woman who haunts the highway, takes out men who are unfaithful to their partners. She has drowned her children in order to be with her lover.

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2. You might have heard the famous Bloody Mary urban legend. If you say Bloody Mary in front of the mirror three times then it will summon the ghost of Mary.

Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

3. Based on the popular urban legend of Robert Johnson, a blues singer who sold his soul to a demon to be able to become a famous musician. 

Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural


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