Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

4. Hookman is one of the popular urban legends, we have seen in the famous Meatballs film and read about him in the stories. Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

5. The legend of Wendigo has existed in the country of Canada. Many Native Americans also believed in this mythical being. Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

6. Another popular urban legend about the ghost hitchhiker who doesn’t know that he/she is dead and lives the same day every year. Famous Urban Legends Of Supernatural

7. The famous skin walkers urban legend which we have read about in the books like Night Frights.

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8. This urban legend comes from the country of Greece.

9. This episode takes a dig at the popular urban legends of a haunted movie set. Many films like The Exorcist, Omen, have haunting stories which became legends. 

10. It is an old English urban legend telling the story of a demon who steals little children.

So what do you think about these famous Urban Legends? Which is your favorite among the Supernatural urban legends? Do share with us in the comments section. Share this Supernatural article with your friends.

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