Farewell Saree Ideas That You Should Implement On Your Big Day

Choosing the perfect outfit for your farewell party can be challenging. You can, however, never go wrong with a gorgeous saree. This option is versatile and gives you diverse ways of styling your outfit to make it look perfect for the big day.

Farewell Saree Ideas That You Should Implement On Your Big Day

You may, however, have some concerns when looking for a farewell saree. Before you go shopping, evaluate factors such as your body type and height so as you can get an ideal saree. Consider how long the party should last and how comfortable you feel wearing sarees to avoid looking gloomy during the event. Let us look at some brilliant ideas for farewell sarees.

Pick a lightweight design

Farewell Saree Ideas That You Should Implement On Your Big Day

The event will probably demand a lot of your time and efforts. You may be involved in different activities such as organizing guests, interacting with everyone or even dancing. You, therefore, need a saree that is lightweight so that a stiff fabric does not add extra weight to you. Consider materials such as georgette or chiffon for your farewell saree. You can get a lightweight saree with beautiful patterns and motifs to select as per your taste.

Go basic

If you are confused about which colors and prints to choose for your saree, stick with the basics. A plain blue or black saree that does not have any embroidery can still look elegant. Such a saree expresses simplicity and save you shopping time.

You can match a plain saree with a stunning blouse that is of the same color as your saree. For instance, a black saree would look good when you pair it with a black leather blouse. Finish the look by tieing your hair in a ponytail to bring out a natural look.

Select a dhoti saree

A dhoti saree is a perfect design for your farewell party. This can help you stand out among the crowd and give you a unique appearance among your friends. A dhoti saree is not your typical design, and few people can pull this look.

Feel free to wear a belt on top of your saree to secure it in position. You can match it with a low back blouse that lets you expose your flawless skin. Use a metallic body tattoo that is temporary on the exposed part of your skin. Ensure you bring along a classy clutch bag and wear heels that match your blouse to finish the look.

Consider a saree gown

You can also capture people’s attention at your farewell party by choosing a saree gown from Stylecaret. The designers can help you select an ideal gown suitable for the occasion. The saree gown for a farewell party should be different from what people choose to attend a wedding.

A saree gown is easy to manage when you are busy taking photos or entertaining guests. You don’t have to worry about how you will dance in it or make bathroom visits. Since there is a high chance of going overboard with this outfit, try to avoid a lot of additional details. Maintain natural makeup and accessorize the gown with a simple watch. You can bring along sunglasses if you are hosting an outdoor event.

Experiment with sequins

Sequins are fashionable attires that look glamorous on different body types. Jazz the saree with some sequin. For instance, get a sequin blouse and match it with a stunning saree. Alternatively, choose a sequin saree for your special occasion. You can tie your hair in the form of a bun and add some makeup. Feel free to use heavy eye shadow but apply a simple lip gloss.

Try a striped saree

Are you bold and sassy? Your farewell party could be your chance to express your character by wearing a striped saree. Try to accessorize your outfit with a boho necklace. You can also add a cute belt to secure the pallu of your saree. Choose a full sleeve blouse to match with your striped saree. You can also add some matching earrings and use a black eyeliner to make your face glow.

Allow your saree blouse to own your look

The blouse design you choose for your farewell party is the first thing that most people will notice. You can make the blouse own your outfit by making it completely different such that the saree is barely noticeable. A beautiful saree blouse can improve your confidence and make you feel good about how you look.

Blouses that cover part of your arm make your outfit look classy. You can also choose a high neck blouse that allows your face to be the center of attention. If you are slim, do not hesitate on picking an off-shoulder blouse. The market offers uncountable options when it comes to blouse designs to match with a farewell saree.

If you get an over-bearing blouse, match it with a simple saree so that you don’t look like a bride in your farewell party. You can also complete the look by going for big earrings that complement your blouse design.

Select a pastel saree

Sometimes choosing the ideal color of a farewell saree can be challenging. It is however easy to select a subtle pastel shade. You can go for shades such as lavender, baby pink or sky blue. If you have an evening party, choose a pastel saree that is mint green. A light pastel saree goes well with heavy lipstick and light eye shadow.

Consider a saree with metallic colors

Metallic colors are also making a comeback in the fashion industry. Most young ladies love sarees with adorning metallic hues since they express one’s style. For your farewell party, you can choose a saree with gold and classic black colors. If you prefer light tones, choose a silver metallic saree and drape it well.

Be careful with the accessories you choose to match a metallic saree. Try to stick to small earrings to avoid overdoing it. Bring along a clutch bag that matches the metallic saree and maintain a simple hairstyle.

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