Find Out How Well Do You Know The Cast Of Riverdale?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Riverdale cast consists of some of the most talented and charming actors and actresses you’ll ever come across. The TV is based on the characters based on the Archie comics. The show stars KJ Apa who plays the character of Archie Andrews, the lead of the show. Camila Mendes plays the role of Veronica Lodge, the love interest of Archie Andrews. Cole Sprouse who already has been a famous name, known for his work in the Disney sitcom ‘The Suite Life of Zack And Cody’ plays the role of Jughead Jones. And Lili Reinhart portrays the character of Betty Cooper.

Find Out How Well Do You Know The Cast Of Riverdale?

Riverdale Quiz: Are You A Ghoulie, A Vixen, Or A Serpent?

Luke Perry’s death will also affect season 4. The first episode of Season 4 will reveal the fate of Fred Andrews. It is titled ‘Memoriam’ and is dedicated to Fred and Luke, will honor him.

So Let’s Take The Quiz To Find Out How Well Do You Know The Cast Of Riverdale?

So how many did you manage to get it right? Well, this was a little trivia about your favorite stars from Riverdale. Riverdale fourth season will premier on October 9, 2019, on CW. Season 3 finale left the fans with so many unanswered questions. We have to wait for season 4 to answer them all. There’s also speculation that we could potentially see a crossover between Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in season 4. Since both of the shows are set in the same universe, it is very probable to see a crossover. Season 4 will consist of 22 episodes similar to the season 2 and season 3.
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