Find Out Which Angel From ‘Lucifer’ Are You Actually?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. So far we have been introduced to six angels in the five seasons of Lucifer. There have been a mention of the other angels, but the on-screen appearances have been made only by Uriel, Michael, Remiel, Azrael, Lucifer, and Amenadiel. Each angel has a special unique power, for example, Lucifer can bring out the dark deep desires of the people. Amenadiel has the ability to freeze the time. The angel of death Azrael as the name suggests can only be seen by the dying. Michael has the ability to manipulate anyone and Uriel can see the chain reactions of the events beforehand.

Find Out Which Angel From 'Lucifer' Are You Actually?

Can You Name The Episode In Picture From The Lucifer Season 5?

One interesting fact about these celestial beings is that their personal beliefs have the power to influence and affect their powers. For example, Amenadiel after his fling with Maze, reviving the criminal Malcolm, felt guilty and as a result he lost his power to slow down the time. But over the time, his faith was renewed, he got his redemption through trials, and his powers and abilities were restored.

Find Out Which Angel From 'Lucifer' Are You Actually?
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Lucifer gained his scary devil face when he believed himself to be the monster. But when he came in touch with Chloe who made her feel good about himself, he got his wings back and lost his devil face. However, when he killed Marcus Pierce, he felt guilty and his devil face returned. The angel Azrael was introduced to us in the episode ‘Boo Normal’. She was known to be Ray-Ray by Ella who she befriended. Her blade was stolen by Uriel who arrived on earth with the intention to kill their mom AKA the Goddess who escaped from the hell.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Angel From ‘Lucifer’ Are You Actually?

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