Find Out Which Riverdale Girl Are You?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the TV series Riverdale is based on the Archie comics which focuses on the titular character of Archie Andrews and the world around him. Riverdale isn’t just focused around Archie Andrews, it focuses on the different stories of some interesting characters such as Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge. The show isn’t centered around the male characters only, the show features female characters who are independent, strong, and inspiring. The Riverdale girls make the show much more interesting. Betty Cooper is the girl next door Riverdale girl.

Find Out Which RIverdale Girl Are You?

How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Finale Of Riverdale?

She is the best friend of Archie Andrews and studies at the Riverdale High School. She has an older sister named Polly and her parents and Alice and Hal Cooper. Betty harbored romantic feelings for Archie after years of good friendship with him, but she is shy of expressing them. But when she does, Archie doesn’t reciprocate with her feelings. Veronica Lodge has moved to Riverdale from New York due to her father’s arrest. She tries to reform herself and become a better person. She gets into a relationship with Archie Andrews who feels attracted to her the moment he first saw her.

One of the best character transformations is that of Cheryl Blossom. After losing her beloved Jason Blossom, she suffered a big heartbreak, drown in her grief. She even tried taking her own life in the Riverdale finale, but was rescued by Archie Andrews. Also, we would like to know who is your favorite Riverdale girl and why so? Don’t forget to share your answers with us.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Riverdale Girl Are You?

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