Find Out Which Supernatural Character You Are!!

Supernatural is love. Supernatural is life. Like every member of the Supernatural Fandom, I too love the show. There are many reasons why I love Supernatural. I love Supernatural is because of all the intense story lines! The first five seasons were all about the apocalypse and that was just so intense and crazy and there’s so much going on and so much riding on it and they had to just figure this all out and stop. Pretty much stop the world from ending, dealing with the four horsemen, dealing with the badass archangels and the devil himself. Just when you think Winchesters have saved the day and defeated every big bad evil. Cass opens up the purgatory and brings in a bunch of Leviathans and now the Winchesters has to save the day again. Then we have the Mark of Cain, Knights of Hell, Angels on earth, Dean becoming a demon, unleashing the darkness on earth, and now we the boys are dealing with a Nephilim and British Men of Letters.

Another big reason why I like the show is because of the characters. They are so well made, well thought and well-developed through out the story-line. The characters are so different and just so complex, yet they are all relatable in a way. I mean that’s really weird because they are all angels and demons and you know that all the entire show is fictional, but all the characters feel so relatable, displaying humane qualities. Their attitudes, feelings, the decisions they make are something we could all easily identify with. So take up this Supernatural quiz and find out your personality matches which Supernatural character.

Take This Supernatural Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Character You Are!!

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Find Out Which Supernatural Character You Are!!

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