Find Out Who Will Kill You On The Lucifer!


Welcome back to Humor Nation. When the devil walks free on the earth, the apocalypse is bound to happen, but that’s not the case on Lucifer because here we have a friendly Satan who isn’t manipulative or liar, who is pretty chill and funny. He makes fair deals and inspires people to live out their life in the best way possible and embrace their inner desires even though that does backfire plenty of times. Even though Lucifer is chaotic good, but the world he walks in, is far from good. There are arch-angels with a selfish vendetta to seek revenge and then there are demons who can cause trouble if they are let loose.

Find Out Who Will Kill You On The Lucifer!

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But most of all, the real monsters are the humans. Every episode we see Chloe and Lucifer trying to solve some sort of crime. Sometimes the crime is due to passion, sometimes it’s revenge, but whatever the reason may be, the city of Los Angeles isn’t safe. If you are not careful you might be lined in chalk. Even if you’re morally righteous person who play by the book and does all the right things, you might get what you don’t deserve.


Take for example, the teenager Caleb Mayfield, he was first wrongly accused of a murder that he didn’t commit. He didn’t do anything illegal, but was framed by others. Ultimately he was declared innocent and was released from jail, this young boy had an entire life in front of him, but he was shot. The silver lining was that Caleb had gone to heaven where he rightfully belong.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who Will Kill You On The Lucifer!

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