Find Out Who Will Kill You On ‘The Originals’?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Originals is a spin-off of the popular The Vampire Diaries which first introduced the Originals who are the ancient vampires created by a witch named Esther. They are the most powerful vampires. The Originals series focuses on these Original vampires who fight to take back the control of the New Orleans, a city which they once helped in building. Klaus Mikaelson comes across his former apprentice Marcel who is now in the control of the city. Klaus is aided by his siblings Elijah and Rebekah who help in his quest for power. The Mikaelsons also found out that Hayley Marshall is pregnant with the child of Child. Now the Mikaelsons will have to confront dangerous Marcel and his followers in taking back their crown.

The CW

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Not only Marcel, the Originals will also have to face several dangerous enemies like Sophie Deveraux who is a dangerous witch and Davina Claire who wants to extract her revenge on the Originals. The French Quater Coven is also after the Mikaelsons and wants to kill the child of Hayley. Also, we come across Cami who is a bartender who is caught between the war for power between Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Marcel. The war also involves different supernatural factions such as vampires, witches, and werewolves. The Originals have many interesting characters such as the handsome devil Klaus, the charming and clever Elijah, the beautiful and deadly, the dangerous and attractive Rebekah. Imagine if you were in the world of the Mikaelsons, how do you see yourself doing?

Find Out Who Will Kill You On 'The Originals'?
The CW

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who Will Kill You On ‘The Originals’?


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