Foreign Celebrities Who Disappeared After Doing One Film In Bollywood

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. In various Bollywood films, foreign celebrities have appeared but they did not carry on their work ahead in Bollywood. There have been some foreign celebrities who have been appreciated for their roles in some movies and are still remembered. So let’s know about these foreign celebrities who disappeared after doing one movie in Bollywood.

So here’s a list of those foreign celebrities who have disappeared from box-office!

1. Hazel Keech

Foreign Celebrities Who Disappeared After Doing One Film In Bollywood

Hazel Keech was a British Mauritian model who appeared in “Bodyguard” and then she did one item number in the film “Maximum” titled “Aa Ante”. Since then she has not been seen in any film and now she is happily married to Yuvraj Singh.

2. Giselli Monteiro

Giselli Monteiro is a Brazilian model who played the role of a Punjabi girl in “Love Aaj Kal”. After that, she did not to any film and is now the brand ambassador of Movil Mobiles, PC Jewelers and Lifestyle.

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3. Rachel Shelley

Do you remember that British girl opposite Aamir Khan in “Lagaan”? Yes, that was Rachel Shelley and after that, she disappeared from Bollywood. Now she is a TV writer, producer, and a director in foreign.

4. Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne played the role of that rude and mean British officer who challenged the villagers to defeat him in cricket. After doing “Lagaan” he went back to Hollywood and did some American films and TV shows and never looked back at Bollywood.

5. Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori is a Mexican model who did “Kites” opposite Hrithik Roshan and earned a lot of fame through that movie. She then discontinued her work as an actress in Bollywood and went back.

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