10 Things Foreigners Should Never Do In India

10 Things Foreigners Should Never Do In India

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. India is a diverse country. There are many languages, many cultures which reside together here. All these things marks up India as one of the great tourists attraction. Apart from this great sculpture and monuments from ages, have been a wonderful attraction to the people all over the world. Tourists from all over the world like to spend their weekends or holidays here in India, witnessing its great potential as a great nation. But still there are these things which should not be done by foreigners while in India. Keep a note of these things as we humor nation would like to think about your safety and great tour in our country. To only keep good memories of India do follow these.

So Let’s Take A Look At  10 Things Foreigners Should Never Do In India!

1. Don’t Question Beliefs.

We in India have so many beliefs, people follow different religions, have different faith. While some of these beliefs are logical and some are not. Here prevails so many superstitions too, just keep quite and listen, don’t question! Otherwise, you don’t wanna know what’s going to happen to you.

2. Don’t Fall For High Prices.

In India, whenever a foreigner is spotted, people double, triple or quadruple the prices. There’s great embroidery, fancy jewelery, clothes which attract foreigners a lot, but when it comes to the pricing, hold on to the cheapest price you can pay. Bargain and do bargain. Do not pay what these people and the shop owners ask. You will come rich and will go poor otherwise.

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3. Do Not Wear Revealing Or Short Clothes.

India is not a country where scanty clothes are accepted. We are divided into societies and none of the society accepts revealing clothes especially for women. If not, you may face the anger of general people or may gain the attention of some pervert, and your safety may be at stake. Keep calm, wear innocent dresses and enjoy being in India.

4. Do Not Wear Footwear To Religious Places.

India is a country of pilgrims. They love their gods. They believe the places like temples or pilgrims should always remain clean and pure because god resides there. Never ever wear foot wear to any such place.

5. Beggars Alert! Do Not Show Lot Of Sensitivity Towards Beggars.

They are everywhere and once you give money to one, the others will surround you, and will never leave you until you pay them off. So instead give some eatables, but no money.


6. Do Not Ask For Cow’s Meat.

India’s major population comprises of Hindus and for Hindus cows are meant to be holy and sacred. Do never ever look for beef or pork in India. Instead, you can have mutton or chicken. Have diverse choices in diverse nation.

7. Don’t Go Out In Night.

If you don’t know the areas well, do not step out on streets at nights. At nights, you may encounter perverts. ‎There also may be thieves and scoundrels who you may feel surrounded with. So wait for the day to come.

8. Do Not Disrespect Elders.

We have a culture where younger ones can never disrespect elders. It is strictly followed in India. Do not call any elder by their names. It might result in a bad experience.

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9. Do Not Bring Personal Life to Streets.

You and your partner may have come to enjoy your life here in India along with tourism, but do not bring you private life to the streets or in public area. As it is not at all accepted here. Enjoy your privacy in private, but not in public here in India.

10. Don’t Be Crowd-Phobic!

If you are afraid of crowd, you may face certain bad consequences in India. We are the second most populous country in the world. Crowd is present everywhere. Just be cool and composed during the tour and enjoy along with other people.

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