If You Are A Genius, You Can Solve This Riddle

Hey People! Let us today at Humor Nation brush up your mind with some amazing riddles. These riddles can only be solved if you are a genius. These are some riddles where you need you both side of mind function perfectly. You have to analyze these problems both creatively and logically. So, take a leap from your usual day to day life, and solve these.

So, Let us look at the 5 riddles, which you can only answer if you are a genius:

1. Find the Lady!

Look at this picture carefully, and analyse it. Find a woman here:

Did you get it? No.

Hidden in this image is a naked woman in camouflage, she has blended in quite well with her surroundings. Thanks to German artist Jörg Düsterwald who is a specialized body painter. Body painting is a beautiful art. Jörg Düsterwald created this illusion, the woman in the painting is a model named Nadine. If it took you less than 5 seconds to figure it out then you are truly a genius.

2. Look at his crossword and find your name in less than 10 seconds.

This answer is so simple. Go back again to the question. We asked you to find your name.

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If you cannot find it then look below:

3. Horses in the picture.

We humans have the tendency to find patterns in the randomness, it’s called pareidolia where the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Here in this picture, look out for the 6 horses, and if you can, give yourself a treat of being a genius.

Let us reveal to you answer of this riddle. If you did this already than you have an exceptionally build mind.

4. Is it a murder case, or suicide?

Look at this picture carefully, and figure out whether it is murder, or suicide?

Answers are here:

1. The gun is in the right hand. If someone shoots himself/herself in the head, they die instantly, so the gun should have fallen.

2. The slippers will still be on her legs if she shot herself.

3. Cigarettes shouldn’t be in her hands if it’s a suicide. She would have finished her cigarette first and then killed herself.

4. The blood has splattered on the wall on the right side. It doesn’t look like she took the shot with her right hand.

5. Decode the Sherlock in you!

Sherlock was a re-known detective. He was only days from cracking an international smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing. When you track his last location, you came across a note:

710 57735 34 5508 51 7718
There are three possible suspects right now named Bill, John, and Todd. Can you break the detective’s code and find out the true identity of the real criminal?

Answer: Bill. Read the letters upside down. The numbers resemble letters.

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