7 Great Things That The Britishers Did For India And Indians

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. India’s history is very diverse if you look back, in history when someone mentions about the British Raj it’s always about injustice or some other insignificant things. But apart from these things they’ve also done some good things for the betterment of India.

So let’s check out some good things Britishers did in India!

1. English Language

Good Things That The British Did For India

Britishers taught English to Indians to ease the administration. The English language opened a new gate of the world for Indians as the language improved their thought process, knowledge and speaking skills. It brought a new form of literature in India.

2. Indian Railways

The foundation of the largest railway network in the world was actually laid by the British. Many central stations were the work of the British infrastructure and the Indian Railway connects almost every part of the country and is very complex also.

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3. Army

Indian army is proud of our nation and the first Indian army was formed under the British era. Various cultures and disciplinary practices of the British era are still followed by our men in the army.


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