10 Google Image Searches That Should Be Removed

 10 Google Image Searches That Should Be Removed

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Google is the gateway, the source to all the information, knowledge that is available to the mankind. Whenever we are stuck at some question or have a doubt, we turn to our beloved friend, the all knowing Google. But there are some things that you should never ever search for, things that are so disturbing and horrific that you can’t erase from your memories after having seen them. Here are some Google Image Searches that are definitely not for the weak!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Google Image Searches That Should Be Removed
10. Ascariasis

Ascariasis is a small intestine infection which is caused by parasitic roundworms. The pictures of this infection can be easily found on Google Images which are some of the most distressing things you will ever see. This infection is caused through consuming drink or food that has been with been contaminated with Ascaris eggs.

9. Degloving

This is named after the process of removing a glove. Degloving is a ghastly injury in which a large section of skin is completely torn off the tissue below it. Many horrifying degloving images can be easily found on Google including the disturbing graphic image of penile degloving.

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8. Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids

Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious American serial killer and sex offender who was infamously known as ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’. He committed heinous crimes such as murder, rape, necrophilia, cannibalism and dismemberment of 17 males in a span of 13 years between 1978-1981. While committing his horrendous crimes, Jeffrey took Polaroid photos of his victims which are available on Google Images.

7. Blue Waffle

A picture of a woman’s severely infected vagina a while ago went viral on the Internet. This disturbing picture scared everyone who saw it, people give the horrific disease the name ‘Blue Waffle’. Everyone was wondering whether the terrible disease is real or fake, a health specialist later cleared that there is no such disease like that, it’s a myth.

6. Eel Soup

Eel soup is a type of Japanese bestiality adult entertainment in which a woman inserts tiny eels in her rear end, then she expels the eels out through her waste while another girl eats it! YUCK! This is so sick, disturbing, and grotesque, but it can be found on Google Image search.


5. Pain Olympics

BME Pain Olympics is the most challenging and extreme competition in the world, the people participating have to put themselves through torturous activities including scarifications, cutting off the genitals, and extreme body modifications to emerge victorious.

4. Robert Budd Dwyers Live Suicide

Robert Budd Dwyer who served as a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate was convicted of taking bribes. During a scheduled press conference where Dwyer was expected to resign from his post, but during his speech he shot himself during the live broadcast.

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3. 2 Kids 1 Sandbox

Don’t let the innocent sounding title fool you, this is very sick and twisted type of adult entertainment video. At the start of the video, a woman can be seen pleasuring a guy with her hand, but then things take a disturbing turn. This is going to shock you and scare you at the same time. The woman then takes a replica toy of ‘JOHNSON’ and shoves it hard into the guy’s tool.

2. Trypophobia

This is a very unusual kind of phobia, known as ‘Trypophobia’ in which people fear the clusters of small holes or bumps which have irregular patterns. Viewing the images associated with the Trypophobia can make the viewer feel nauseous and uncomfortable.

1. Mr. Hands

Kenneth Pinyan AKA Mr. Hands died from injuries he received while having a sexual experience with a horse. Pinyan’s friend James Michael Tait recorded the sexual act and uploaded the video to the Internet where it is still available today.

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