Google Saved The Life Of A Girl Who Searched “How To Commit Suicide”!

Google saved girl from suicide
Damaged and discouraged, a 24-year-old young lady chose suicide when a guy left her.

Damaged and discouraged, a 24-year-old young lady chose suicide when a guy left her. In the greed of landing on an administration position, the guy went under the pressure of his family and left the young lady. After such a devastating occurrence, all the young lady could consider was suicide. She chose to end her life by bouncing in the Yamuna waterway which is 4km far from Saharanpur.

That’s How Google Saved The Girl From Committing Suicide

Just before hopping, she stopped for a while and googled for a simpler technique to end her own particular life. She looked “How to submit suicide” on Google. Luckily, rather than demonstrating the strategies, the query indicated “Suicide Helpline Numbers”.

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Rather than having much thinking, she dialed one of the numbers that showed up on the versatile screen. The call was taken by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who somehow made the girl agreed to come to his office for counseling.

According to the DIG Jitendra Kumar Sahni, On January 3, I got a call from the young lady on my open number. She was very anxious and was going to end her life. She disclosed to me she had even looked how to execute herself on Google. Among the indexed lists, she came to know about my number. I listened to her and advised her to go to my office so we could discuss it in detail. After that, she came to my office and was very much disturbed mentally and was only planning to end her life.

The DIG ordered the station officer from the ladies police headquarters to take the issue in her grasp and offer to advise the young lady. The female officer connected with the guy and conversed with the couple to look for better alternatives for a superior future.

Innovation spared this young lady’s life and Google should be given all the credit gratefulness for posting suicide helpline numbers for such search query rather than the techniques.

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