5 Greatest Rappers Of All Time, EMINEM Is Not On List

Welcome to Humor Nation. So today we are going to be talking about the top greatest rappers and who better to tell you about this topic than me. I know you’re all super excited now there are so many rappers in the world and I can only include five of them on the list. So if I don’t list your favorite artists then don’t get angry, there’s always a possibility of the top five greatest rappers of all time part 2, you never know. And with that in mind let me know who your favorite rapper is down in the comments, all right? Let’s get started.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Greatest Rappers Of All Time!!

5. Rakim

Rakim was the principal rapper to have the sort of stream that most rappers today now have. The vast majority of Erik B and Rakim’s 1986 collection Paid in Full seems like it could be made today (which is additionally a demonstration of Erik B’s creation), something that can’t be said for some, different 80s hip-hop collections, with the exception of a modest bunch from 88 or 89. Run-DMC may have been the stars, however Rakim is who present day rappers gained from.

4. 2PAC

5 Greatest Rappers Of All Time, EMINEM Is Not On List

Tupac Beck was born Lesane Parish Crooks and he first started rapping in Baltimore and he went by the name MC New York. He had sold more than 75 million records worldwide and he’s been alluded to as one of the best music craftsmen ever, as per numerous well known distributions, for example, the Rolling Stones. Tragically Tupac left this world before his chance, he was just 25 years of age when he was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas back in September of 1996. After he was cremated members of the outlaws mixed some of his ashes with marijuana and they smoked it.


3. Jay-Z

Jay-Z has been delivering music for more than 19 years and that is a significant long time to remain the greatest in this industry. It’s additionally well established reality that Jay-Z discusses the majority of his verses in his mind, he doesn’t really record any of them down on the paper. In 2003, Jay-Z stunned the hip-hop world when he released the album ‘The Black Album’ and said it would be his last solo record before he calls it quits. He made his return in 2006 with the album ‘Kingdom Come’.

Jay-Z was born Shawn Cory Carter. As you know he has quite the colorful past, but when it comes to music he doesn’t disappoint. Jay-Z may have had a rough beginning in life, but he managed to overcome his troubled past and turned himself into a successful rapper and businessman. He’s even discovered a lot of great talent in the industry. According to Forbes, Jay-Z is worth 500 million dollars, yeah that’s pretty impressive.

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2. Nas

He is also an entrepreneur and owned a sneaker store, a magazine publishing and his own record label. He even has the credit of defeating the one and only Jay-Z in the best rap war of all time.


The Notorious B.I.G. was conceived as Christopher George Latore Wallace and it’s always positioned as a standout amongst other rappers ever, the greatest ever. The Notorious One B.I.G. left this world very early. He was killed at 24 years old by a drive-by shooting in LA on March ninth, 1977 and still right up ’til today nobody knows who did it.

Before his early demise, he sold 17 million units worldwide over the 4 collections he released. His first rap album titled ‘Ready To Die’ which was publicly released in 1996 is as indicated by many critics, rap websites as a standout amongst other rap collections ever. This collection was additionally number 15 on the Billboard Top 200 and number three on the Billboard top R&B and hip jump collections.

Well there you have it. So those are the top five greatest rappers of all time. Thank you guys so much. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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