Guess The Riverdale Character By Emojis

Welcome back to Humor Nation. What makes a great show? Brilliant characters, amazing storylines, and great music! Riverdale has all the ingredients which makes it one of the best TV shows right now. The show has many interesting characters, each character has a unique personality and one could easily resonate with the characters of the show. Today we have brought to you a Riverdale emojis quiz.

Guess The Riverdale Character By Emojis

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One of the best characters on the show is that of Cheryl Blossom. A character which always brings the fire and has a bold red lip. She could end you in one fell swoop with a sarcastic witty line. Cheryl is more than witty sass, she has many shades. Beyond her stone cold persona, she is a pretty vulnerable person who is just looking for somewhere to belong. As the show progressed, we get to see her real self.

She was meant to be a goody-good girl on the show as we knew her from the Archie comics. But when we saw her on the show we also got to see the dark side of Betty Cooper. She can be innocent and sweet, but take a deep look at her and you’ll know that she is not the person you want to cross.

So Test Your Riverdale Quiz And Guess The Riverdale Character By The Presented Emojis

Guess The Riverdale Character By Emojis

Take this quiz and test your knowledge about the Riverdale characters by identifying them using emojis.

So did you manage to figure out the Riverdale character using the emojis quiz? Let us know if you feel there are any mistakes in the quiz. Do share it with the Riverdale fandom.

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