Heart Breaking Scenes Amid The Corona Virus Pandemic

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humornation. Today, you must be sitting in your rooms waiting for the lockdown situation to end, you may be bored with using your mobile phones and laptops. But keeping your own problems aside, you really need to know who exactly is in serious problems and pain. This country really needs your help, so just stay home and try to help the people outside who are really trying to save you from this Corona virus. Below are some pictures you’ll find all over the internet making news and still people are hurting them.

Here are some photos that show the real problems in the world right now:

 1. The police force – Even in this pandemic, are standing for maintaining the law and order of lockdown day and night. 

Heart Touching Scenes Amid The Corona Virus Pandemic

2. Common people who really are worried with the situation and are afraid if their family will be safe in this condition or not.

Heart Touching Scenes Amid The Corona Virus Pandemic

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3. This is the level of worries in the minds of people today, look at the child trapped inside the plastic covering. Even breathing is a difficult task in this situation. 

Heart Touching Scenes Amid The Corona Virus Pandemic

4. Recent News: A mob in Indore attacks health workers and doctors on road with stones. This mob is directly throwing stones at them, which is visible here.

5. The condition of doctors and nurses working 24*7 to cure the corona affected patients. They have to be completely covered to avoid infection through the patient.

Heart Touching Scenes Amid The Corona Virus Pandemic

6. The biggest scandal right now: Tableegi Jamat was held at Nizamuddin with thousands of Muslims present for namaz. This was held during the lockdown i.e. by breaking the law.

7. All the passenger trains, buses, taxis, autos, etc are suspended due to the lockdown and the roads are empty. This has never been a situation since any of your lifetimes. 

8. People who are tested positive and the ones who are suspected to be positive are kept in isolation wards where nobody can meet him, even the closest ones.

9. This is really the most important thing to be understood. Today, doctors are the only ones that need your respect and support, as they are the only ones helping to control the situation. None of the temples, mosques, Gurudwaras can heal the situation.

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10. The ones that deserve most respect during the situation of the corona, are the ones that are facing most violence and hatred through groups of people right now. Even some governments are cutting their salaries for aid which is definitely not the correct way.  

11. People that are admitted for the cure of Corona are in great danger. Most of the people age above 50 are not able to recover. Also, curing Corona takes more than 15 days and complete isolation for this long is really a difficult thing.  

12. People are trying to spread awareness for this situation and want people to be really serious about the situation are trying many techniques like drawings, announcements, policemen wearing Corona-helmets, etc.

13. And in between of all this, hearing news like this is making it difficult to believe in humanity. Such behavior should definitely be punished, rather they should be left to die. 

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