Here Is The Reason For The Blinking Of Eyes.

Reason behind blinking of eyes.
Everything fades in a "blinking of an eye". We often compare things with this idiom , when we feel nostalgic or we feel things that are dear to us.

They say good things take time but great things happen in blink of an eye. We often don’t have any control over blinking of eyes and it’s a natural phenomena that just happens. Take a look at the reason for blinking of eyes.

Everything fades in a “blinking of an eye”. We often compare things with this idiom, when we feel nostalgic or we feel things that are dear to us. Like often we say about the time that the years passed in a blink of an eye. We usually mean that this beautiful phase got over so soon. But do you ever wonder, Why actually your eyes keep blinking?

Our eyes are closed for roughly for 10% of our waking hours, and we blink 20 -25 times in a minute.

With the blinking of our eyelids, we are able to wipe off the tears which are constantly produced by the tear glands situated at the corner of our eyes. This  helps in clearing of our vision and also it keeps our eyes moist and clear. Blinking of our eyes prevents the entry of dust particles and does the lubrication of eyeballs. Lubrication is done via mixture of oils and mucous which are secreted during the blinking of the eyelids. These fluids also prevents eyeballs from drying out.  

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Naturally, whenever any thing reach to your face , your eyelids get close and protects your eyes. This phenomenon is an involuntary reflex. We do not have any control over it. At the time of emergency, this phenomenon actually works and keep us safe.

While working over computer, you only blink 7 times a minutes. That is how it gets harmful. Reading this article will take only 1-3 minutes, thus 7-21 times of blinking phenomenon. Wow! isn’t me great at calculations? Hope you guys like the information that is provided by this article.

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