Hilarious Doraemon Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Hey there! What’s up you amazing people! Welcome to another interesting and entertaining article of Humor Nation. Today we the subject of our memes will be none other than the famous anime Doraemon. Doraemon who is undoubtedly one of the most loved and recognized cartoon characters all over the world.

The anime tells the story of Doraemon, the robot who travels in the past and befriends a schoolboy named Nobita. Nobita is a lazy schoolboy who always finds himself in some sort of trouble, he is dependent on Doraemon and keeps asking him for gadgets to help him which most of the time Doraemon disapproves. Doraemon has become a cultural icon in India. The show has been dubbed in many languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and this show has become one of the highest-rated children shows in India. It is one of the most selling manga in the world, some call its anime adaptation as one of the greatest kids’ show ever created.

So Let’s Take A Look At Hilarious Doraemon Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood, But Will Surely Make Your Day!

1. Nobita, just take it, shine it up real nice, and stick it straight up your …you know where.

Hilarious Doraemon Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

2. You will do nothing Nobita! You will fo0okin do nothin.

Hilarious Doraemon Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

3. Well said Doraemon.

Hilarious Doraemon Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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4. The magic of Johnny! Every single guy should buy this gadget. It will definitely transform their lives.

5. Oh! Innocent Doraemon is finally caught doing something not so innocent. 

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6. Say my name! Say it out loud! Just Say it Shizuka!

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