6 Hollywood Films Inspired From Indian Films

Welcome back to Humor Nation. In Indian film industry, we have seen a lot of films that are inspired from the Hollywood cinema. But do you know there are some Indian films which inspired the Hollywood so much that they decided to remake those films. Today at Humor Nation, in this article we will be talking about such Hollywood films.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Hollywood Films Inspired From Indian Films!

1. Forty Shades of Blue Remake of Charulata

Satyajit Ray’s film ‘Charulata’ which is English was dubbed as ‘The Lonely Wife’ was remade by the Hollywood in 2005 as ‘Forty Shades of Blue’. This was an official remake where the production house themselves revealed that the film has been inspired from the movie of Satyajit Ray. Charulata is a love triangle, the story has been modernized and depicted in Forty Shades of Blue.

6 Hollywood Films Inspired From Indian Films

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2. Divorce Invitation Remake of Ahvanaam

The Telugu film ‘Ahvanaam’ which was released in 1997 is a rom-com which tells the story of a husband who divorces his wife for money. The film was a big Telugu hit and it was remade in 2012 as Divorce Invitation.


3. Kill Bill Inspired From Abhay

An iconic Hollywood film which was directed by the famous direction Quentin Tarantino. Even though the story of the film ‘Kill Bill’ isn’t similar to any Indian story. But the director of the film admitted that the animated scenes, cut-offs shown in the film were inspired from the Tamil film ‘Abhay’. Abhay is a psychological thriller which starred Kamal Hassan in the lead role. The film used animation to depict the violent content.

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