10 Terrifying Horror Films That Were Banned Because They Were Too Scary

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are many horror films that are way disturbing than you think it to be. Some horror movies were so terrifying and controversial that it got banned in many countries and were kept out of public sight. Take a look at some horror films that were banned. Let us know if we missed any horror films.

So let’s check out 10 most terrifying horror films that got banned

1. Faces of Death

10 Terrifying Horror Films That Were Banned Because They Were Too Scary

This 1978 movie ‘ Faces of Death’ was banned in 40 countries. This movie basically had a collection of death and gory scenes which would cause the audience to get dark sights and nightmares.

2. The Evil Dead

This epic horror film was directed by Sam Raimi in 1981. This movie was about a group of teenagers who go to a remote cabin in between the woods for vacation but things get worse when one of them gets possessed by a demonic spirit. This movie was full of gory, brutal and terrifying scenes that can scare the soul out.

3. Freaks

This 1932 film ‘Freaks’ was banned in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy. The cast of this movie had real-life deformities. This movie got banned because people thought the film was exploiting the physical defects of the cast. This movie had intense as well as the creepy plot.

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4. The Last House on the Left

This 1972 film ‘The last house on the left’ was banned in UK, Australia, Iceland, Norway, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. This was a very unpleasant movie showing a teenage girl getting tortured and then murdered and then her parents getting a violent revenge for her.

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This 1974 film was banned in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, UK, Germany, Malaysia and New Zealand. This movie wasn’t banned in so many countries because it was scary or creepy. It was just banned because of its sheer intensity which arises when a woman is tormented and kept by a family full of cannibals who had killed her friends.

6. Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom

This 1975 film was banned in Australia, Iran, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Italy, Finland, Malaysia, Germany, UK, and Norway. This movie was basically about teenagers getting kidnapped and tortured by Italians at the end of World War II. This movie showed so much violence and torture on teens that ended up getting itself banned in so many countries.

7. Cannibal Holocaust

This 1980 film was banned in Australia, UK, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, and the Philippines. This movie was about a film crew getting slaughtered by cannibals, the scenes were so realistic that the director of this movie was arrested and charged with murder but later got released. This movie showed the real killing of animals and no matter why this movie got banned.

8. Nekromantik

This 1987 film was banned in Australia, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. This movie was based on a social taboo of necrophilia. Necrophilia is the psychic condition in which a person gets sexually attracted to corpses, Disgusting much?. I hope now you get it why this movie got banned.

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9. The Human Centipede 2

This 2011 film is not worth watching and should’ve been banned from every country. This moved is basically about a sick boy who goes on killing and collecting spree to recreate the experiment shown in the first sequence of ‘ The Human Centipede’.

10. A Serbian Film

This movie was a very controversial film and was banned in France, Australia, Singapore and Spain. This movie was about an adult star who is forced to take part in a series of sexual and psychological tortures that were so horrifying that he even threatens to cut his penis off to put an end to it. Am sure you get it why this movie got banned.

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