How God Will Copy Batman’s Bane In Supernatural Season 15!

Welcome to Humor Nation. So it looks like that God will be taking a page right out of Bane’s playbook who is one of the most popular Batman nemesis. Supernatural season 14 finale saw the Winchesters trying to talk down Jack after the power went to his head. In order to save their surrogate brother, they ask for God’s help, but what happens next surprises everyone. He sees the Winchester’s plight as an amusement. As a result, the Winchesters turn against God and he then smites Jack, but the Winchesters’ troubles don’t stop there, but they actually start. Chuck AKA God unleashes hell upon the earth by resurrecting an army of the undead.

How God Will Copy Batman's Bane In Supernatural Season 15!

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The first trailer for the final season of the show has been released, it throws light on the plot details, it does confirm that every previous foe that the brothers have encountered in the past whom they sent to hell has been revived. It’s the Winchesters versus every soul in hell. But the real root of the problem is Chuck who has been manipulating the Winchesters since the beginning. But what’s the endgame of God?

How God Will Copy Batman's Bane In Supernatural Season 15!

This Is How God Is Going To Take A Playbook Right Out Of Batman’s Bane!

Although this setup is definitely a perfect way to conclude the Supernatural saga, this does sound familiar, doesn’t it? In the ‘Knightfall’ comic of Batman, the powerful Bane releases all the criminals who were confined in Arkham Asylum because of Batman. Now they are free on the streets of Gotham City and Batman has to fight them all again. This results in him getting exhausted after defeating every one of them. So when he finally returns battered and beaten to the Batcave, he fins Bane waiting for him. Bane takes advantage of a beaten Bruce Wayne and he finally ‘Breaks The Bat’.

It seems like Chuck is also going to use the same tactic in Supernatural Season 15. We will see the Winchesters fighting their old villains for at least the first half of season 15. They will be retreading their old cases, they will be fighting old villains, and will make sure they all return to hell. But this big fight will surely take a toll on them so what condition will this leave them in which the final showdown with chuck comes?

Although the motivation between the two is different. While Bane used the plan because of his inability to defeat the dark knight, hence he devises a plan to tear and wear him down. Whereas Chuck is using such plan for his own personal entertainment. He is just playing with his toys before he destroys them. But just like Batman, when all is said and done, the Winchesters will emerge victoriously.

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