How Much Do You Know About The Impala From Supernatural?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has many characters, everyone one of them played their part in the storyline. One of the very popular and regular characters on the show is the Impala! It is the 1967 Chevrolet Impala which is the Winchesters’ ride. The car has been passed down to Dean Winchester by his dad who purchased it in 1973. The Impala has a four-barrel carburetor and a 327 engine. The vehicle’s trunk also holds the weapons of the Winchesters which they use in their hunting activities.

How Much Do You Know About The Impala From Supernatural?

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The car first appeared in the pilot episode which showed John Winchesters sitting on the car holding his two sons and watching his house burn with his wife. Impala is Dean Winchester’s most prized possession. Dean protects the car with the same ferocity as he protects his loved ones. In the pilot episode, we see a ghost possessing the Impala and it tries running the Winchesters over. The finale of season 1 saw a possessed trucker smashing the Impala with his truck, causing serious damage to the Winchesters who were inside. Later the damaged broken car is towed back to Bobby’s yard where Dean restores it by himself. When Dean was in the purgatory, Sam took ownership of the car and while driving once he hit a dog which resulted in him meeting Amelia Richardson.

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